Mazao Extra Limited

We are a Kenyan based company specializing in promoting regenerative agriculture ,general agribusiness consulting including advisory services , design and implementation of agribusiness ventures as well as conducting agricultural trainings.

At Mazao extra we believe that farming should not harm the nature nor human beings. We devote ourselves in finding solutions that promote safe agricultural practices among farmers to ensure their resilience towards climate change.



To transition farmers from too much agrochemical reliance to safer organic solutions and effective land utilization.

We focus on enabling farmers produce healthy foods, increase their income as well as protect the environment .

Products and Services

Organic Fertilizer and Pesticide

We are currently producing two products, liquid organic fertilizer and liquid bio pesticide. All these products are formulated from rabbit waste .The products are 100% organic and highly rich in both macro and micro nutrients

Sustainable Home Gardens

Mazao extra Limited promotes reduced lands for cultivation, we promote the construction of sustainable kitchen gardens that are best solutions for both subsistence and urban farming. Benefit of these gardens include:

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